111 ways to say NO to sex

111 ways to say NO to sex
  1. No thanks.
  2. Not tonight, how about in ten years?
  3. If you really loved me you would wait.
  4. Let’s just kiss instead.
  5. If you really loved me you would stop asking.
  6. How about we watch a movie instead.
  7. We might get caught.
  8. I don’t want to be just another one of your girls.
  9. Ummmm….nope!
  10. My parents trust me and I don’t want to break their trust.
  11. Haven’t you ever watched 16 and Pregnant? I don’t want to end up like that.
  12. I’m not ready to be a mother, so I don’t want to put myself at risk.
  13. I think we should get to know each other better first.
  14. How about we just cuddle?
  15. I have a rule that I’m not going to have sex till I graduate from high school (or graduate from college, get married, turn 18, turn 30, have been dating someone for over a month, over a year, over 5 years…pick whatever works for you!)
  16. No, and if you ask again I’m not talking to you anymore.
  17. I love you, but I just don’t feel like I am ready and I want it to be special, not forced.
  18. My mother (sister, cousin, brother, best friend, uncle, neighbor, or someone you completely made up) told me that they had sex before they were ready and it ruined their relationship and they regretted it. I don’t want to make that mistake.
  19. It just doesn’t feel like the right time.
  20. I can’t because of my religion.
  21. I don’t feel well, I think I’m getting sick.
  22. I can’t. I have my period.
  23. I don’t want to have to worry.
  24. My parents would be mad at me if they found out.
  25. I made a pact with my best friend to wait.
  26. Haha, no.
  27. Sorry, but no.
  28. Nah.
  29. Not gonna happen.
  30. Not in a million years.
  31. I’m waiting for the right person.
  32. I’m waiting for the right time.
  33. I’m waiting for the right mood.
  34. I don’t want to.
  35. I have sunburn.
  36. I have to go to bed early.
  37. I don’t like kids.
  38. I just want to be friends.
  39. Maybe we should just go get something to eat.
  40. Maybe we should play a game.
  41. You parents will hear us.
  42. Your dogs are watching.
  43. We’re too young.
  44. I don’t want to feel used.
  45. I don’t want to regret it.
  46. I love you, but I just don’t want to get too serious yet.
  47. I’m scared.
  48. I have homework to do.
  49. I have soccer practice.
  50. Didn’t you ask me this already? My answer is still the same.
  51. No. And quit asking! It’s getting annoying.
  52. I like being a tease.
  53. Oh, quit whining, you’ll survive.
  54. We have our whole lives to do that, let’s wait till we’re older.
  55. I’m not sure I want to date you anymore.
  56. I don’t know if I love you yet.
  57. I only have sex with people I love.
  58. I’m saving myself for George Clooney. Joe Jonas. Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp…..
  59. I know your reputation.
  60. I’m not like all those other girls.
  61. I want to, but I can’t.
  62. I can’t because I said I can’t.
  63. If I have sex with you then you’ll just leave me.
  64. Waiting will make it even better when we do it.
  65. If you want me to trust you, you won’t pressure me.
  66. I don’t like doing whatever everyone else is doing.
  67. There are other ways of showing each other that we love each other.
  68. Let’s just make out.
  69. My limit is first base. (second base. or third.) but no further.
  70. If we do it now, it won’t be as special later.
  71. I want to build a relationship first. Not one that is just based on sex.
  72. Don’t make me laugh.
  73. I don’t have any condoms.
  74. I’m not taking the pill.
  75. Have you thought about all of the consequences?
  76. It’s against my values.
  77. I don’t have sex.
  78. I quit.
  79. Go away.
  80. Have you been tested for an STD?
  81. It’s too risky.
  82. I’m not comfortable.
  83. Not now. How bout never?
  84. Not gonna happen.
  85. I’m not easy.
  86. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.
  87. I don’t want you to get too attached to me.
  88. My favorite tv show is on.
  89. I had a nightmare that I got pregnant, now I’m freaked out.
  90. I have a bad feeling.
  91. I thought you were different.
  92. I’m not ready to make that kind of commitment.
  93. It could make things weird.
  94. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.
  95. I don’t want to regret it in the morning.
  96. No, you’re drunk.
  97. No not when I’m drunk.
  98. Ask again later.
  99. I was just leaving.
  100. I don’t trust you.
  101. I love you, but not like that.
  102. My coach told me not to.
  103. I’m in love with someone else.
  104. There’s too many diseases going around.
  105. I don’t know how many other people you have slept with.
  106. We just met!
  107. Thanks, but no thanks.
  108. Let me think about it for a while….ask again in, like, a year.
  109. How bout a massage instead?
  110. Go screw yourself.
  111. NO!!!

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July 25, 2014

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