11 reasons being single is great

11 reasons being single is great
  1. You have freedom! Freedom to do what you want to do without asking for someone else’s opinion and without having to think about what someone else wants to do, or wants you to do.
  2. You can save the money you would spend on your boyfriend and buy yourself something nice.
  3. You have more time to hang out with your friends, have girl’s night out, act crazy and silly and have fun without having to leave the room to talk to your boyfriend or being stressed about relationship troubles.
  4. You don’t have to shave your legs if you don’t want to.
  5. You have more time to play sports, take up a musical instrument, try a new hobby, study a little more, go camping, volunteer at an animal shelter, read a book, go to a concert, dance, sing, run, laugh, do yoga, cuddle with your little sister, play video games, look at magazines, bake cookies, paint a picture, or do anything else you never get a chance to do.
  6. You can figure out what you like, not try to like things that your boyfriend likes.
  7. You can date other people. Or you can just be friends with other boys without your boyfriend getting jealous. Or you can just stare at other boys or flirt with them without feeling guilty.
  8. You get to think about what you want, without taking someone else into consideration. You get to pick what restaurant you want to eat at, how long you want to stay at a party, when you want to go to sleep or what you want to do all weekend.
  9. You will be available when Mr. Right comes along, and by that time you will appreciate him.
  10. You get to figure out who you are as an individual, not as part of a couple.
  11. You don’t have to worry about making someone else happy. No drama. No checking in with someone all the time. No feeling guilty. You get to focus on making yourself happy. 🙂

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July 24, 2014

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