If I Can Survive You, Then I Can Survive Anything


  1. I will tell you my story, I worked with this man for 5 years. He was charming and you would have thought he was the perfect guy. We had both recently seperated from our spouses, and we started dating. at first I was like man this guy is so perfect its scary!! well that is what it turned into being SCARY!! He gave me the whole song and dance that no one ever cared about him as much as I did and that all of his relationships the girls dumped him or they cheated on him or they were crazy!! Of course I fell for it because at the time there was no issues with us. Well we decided to move in together and that is when everything started. He wanted to know were I was at all times, who I talked to, what we talked about, how long were they with me. it was crazy! I was not allowed to talk to certain people. He wanted me to have no one but him. I also had my 2 girls and they seen the way he talked to his kids and my oldest one told me she would not be back. He also had me put a tracking devise on my phone called the 360 app, so he could see where I was at all times. everything was my fault and he was a very ensurcued person. I decided to go back to my husband to work things out. O M G he blow up and set all my belongings on the side of the road. thank god I got all my things but some of the items were damaged. I hung on as long as I could to get most of my money back. I pretty much cut my ties after that. Of course he ran back to his wife and I feel sorry for her and the kids. I hope she is smart enough to leave. I relized that the grass is not alway greener on the other side. Me and my husband are doing better then we ever did before. I am moving on with my life now but I will not lie its hard. I just want people to know that people like this do not think they have a issue it is normal to them. I would say anyone in a relationship like this GET OUT!!! It only gets worse and you are better then that.


  2. I just wanted to relay a message out there to everyone that has been in a abusesive relationship. These two songs help me a lot to cope what I went through. Artist is Kelly Clarkson two songs are 1. what does not kill you makes you stronger!!
    2. mister know it all!!
    play these songs and sing along it helps get out the hurt and anger!!


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