2. I have come to terms with the way i feel about my abuser. I dont forgive him at all but i am not mad at myself anymore. It has made me a stronger person i feel. I also know that i am not the only person in this world that has went through this. I hope he gets what is comeing to him, people like that does not deserve to be happy at all. I feel sorry for the next victim, and his kids because they are be abused to. I have moved on with my life and alot happier now. This web site really helped me with my abruser and also with how to move on with life. Life is to short to have to put up with someone like that and i be dammed if it will ever happen again!!!!! thanks cathy

  3. the moment my boyfriend abuse me i feel like entering into the ground but if God can forgive my sins who am i that cann’t forgive i have forgiven but he will face a lot of trials in the future if he continues with that act

  4. I have been in a soul mate relationship. He was also my abuser and a sociopath. His violence towards me was so grave that he will be imprisoned in few months as my casebhas gone in to trial. People who hear my story including therapists and law and order officers say to me that my story is one of a kind. He used to keep me under video surveillance and moniter me with tracking devices 24/7. There were surveillance camereas in the shower and toilets too. And of course one over my head to watch me sleep. GPS devices and listening gadgets all over my body at any given time. Complete isolation from the outside world. Rape. Life flipped up side down many times. He also impaired my vision on one eye and then of course all these trauma have given me an anxiety disorder. This was the 3rd time I have escaped from him. I have harmed my self twice and have come back from the dead. What I fear most is I still love him. I miss him soo bad. I dont know what is really wrong with me to love some one who treated me as if I wasnt s human. All of you and your wisdom is helping me immensely. Will I heal? Time will tell. Will I have time ? I don’t know as I still feel that death is my only way out as living seems too painful. Life is not worth this pain.

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