Inside The Head of A Victim of Abuse


Inside the head of a victim


Abusers can make you feel like you are the one that is crazy. They are manipulative and have the ability to somehow turn everything around and try to make it seem like it is your fault instead of theirs. You feel like you are walking on eggshells all the time because you’re not sure what might set them off. They make you the problem. They can’t take¬†responsibility¬†for their own actions so they shift the blame on to you.
As hard as it might be, keep remembering that you are not crazy. This is not your fault. And you deserve better.
  1. This is the best graphic that I've seen on teen dating violence. The facts are maddening. No one deserves to be abused in any shape or form.

    Thanks for speaking out in support of others. Your education will go a long way in the struggle to end this disease.

  2. Thank you so much. Thanks for checking out my blog. The facts truly are maddening. Thank you for everything that you do as well.

  3. surviver says:

    Thank you for being a ray of hope in the darkness of many people’s lives while trying to get out and recover from abusive relationships.

  4. I first found your website about 10 months ago while i was still dealing with my past relationship and all the dimensions to ending it. No matter what others told me about how i could do better, that i didnt deserve to be treated like i was, none of it explained the way i felt and why i couldnt let go until i saw this image. Suddenly all the doubt, confusion, and fear i dealt with was explained, it was as if a weight was lifted off of me, as if the chains that were holding me down to him in guilt and shame were released. i sat and cried for days just in acceptance and relief, reading your articles one after another giving me the courage and strength to end all contact with my ex, well my side at least. ive now been able to forgive myself and slowly move on. Ive gone out on dates and am now learning the dimensions to healthy relationships, where a man knows the way to treat a woman and understands the boundaries that can never be crossed. It has been the most incredible feeling, where a man does not check your cellphone, nor wants to- where he actually trusts, and doesnt twist your words around forcing you to defend everything you say, asks your permission to hang out and doesnt make you feel as if you owe him something like sex because he took you out, spent money and did something you wanted to do. Ive gained confidence i never new i was capable of, created new fulfilling friendships, and am doing new things i was too afraid to do beforehand. And this new strength all started for me with this image. Thank you for creating and sharing it and the rest of your blog. :)

  5. I just wanted to thank you so much for the psychopath checklist and this part of your website too. This has helped me so so much. I am a smart girl, and I had warning bells all the way and we were only together 6 months – but wow, now I will begin to repair the damage.

  6. Its been three years since I got rid of that monster and sometimes i still ssk my self why i was so stupid. Im lost because while i KNOW It wasnt my fault sometimes i still FEEL like it was, or that im j ust over exaggerating because i didnt realize why i felt so bad until after i had left him. I know im strong for being able to get out, i just wish I could feel like it more often.

    I’m glad i found this because i actually relate, i can try to explain to a friend but unless theyve been there they just dont understand.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your site! I will share it with my daughter so she might be made aware before walking into the trap of abuse. Love it!

  8. Jesus is my strength says:

    I have thought every single one of these thoughts! I do on a daily basis! I am still in the relationship (4 years now). I need out…

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